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International Students


Who We Are

We are a group of Christians that want to help international students thrive in all aspects of life.
Our aim is to serve the practical, social, and spiritual needs of London’s international students through various weekly and monthly events as well as providing connections to the services of other like-minded organizations in our city.

Our Partners

Are you in London Ontario in 2022?

If you are in London Ontario in 2022, please click on the link below or scan the 2D Bar code and fill out the contact form so that we can notify you of events for International Students.   
So far we have had a sports afternoon in the park, a ladies pool party and a cricket game. Don’t miss out on any more events!


Care Packages

Are you an international student living in London, Ontario?

At various times during the hear we invite students to apply for care packages which are delivered by volunteers.   This gives our international student friends the opportunity to meet local residents and get to know them.   The care packages have lots of helpful things in them.   

Watch this space to find the next time that we will be offering them.

Who We Serve

We serve students who are studying abroad in Canada from any cultural, socio-economic, or religious background, who are looking for ways to connect with other students and the local community here in London, Ontario.

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